February 22, 2018
We Take Pride In Our Business Support Systems
For its Steadfast, Original and Effective Core.
We Build Solutions
With a team of professional and competent individuals, you can never go wrong.
We Build Solutions
With a team of professional and competent individuals, you can never go wrong.


Dreamholder is a versatile software developer in the business support industry. With our dedicated software developers – a strategy using advanced technology and the company’s core motivation of attaining exceptional customer service satisfaction – our group aims to bring out complete and market-driven output for clients.

What We Do

We are focused in offering several services related to business support software development. The following are some of Dreamholder’s fields of expertise in software design:

  • POS: The point of sale system is necessary in any online business. It is the gateway and the main interaction with your customers.
  • Inventory: The inventory system is closely related to the POS. It tracks your sales and inventory effortlessly using our proprietary software.
  • Business Support: Business Support is the administration of our whole suite of software. With it you can effectively watch your online business.

How We Meet Your Standards

Our team sees that the online business industry, a recession-proof business, will definitely hit the vast virtual market. That is why our software developer group is in pursuit of partnering with clients who are aiming to have an economically resistant business.

Gaming Laboratories International Products and services offered here are ensured not just to meet the set standards – but also to gain the client’s trust. We’ll make sure that every requirement is met, and you’ll get the most out of your invested money. Our team aspires to work with future business partners who will benefit from our team’s dedicated services. From effective business strategy implementation to constant system support, clients are assured that they will get our complete assistance.

We, at Dreamholder, take pride in providing effective, front line products and services through our dedication and effort of getting the job done.