February 22, 2018

Products and Services

Dreamholder’s online casino system has been developed to support different business structure implementation.

Live Table Games

  • Broadcast of live casino dealers has been the most revolutionary trend in the gaming industry. Backed by professional card dealers, Dreamholder’s live casino platform delivers real-time, high-quality video content that will surely provide player’s enjoyment and satisfaction.
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Multi-line slots

  • Certified RNG games to ensure fair and accurate payout percentage.
  • Highly graphical interface that is exclusively conceptualized and designed by a team of professional game developers.
  • It incorporates bonus games that will surely level, if not out best, the competition.
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Progressive Games

  • Dreamholder’s progressive game platform has been tested to improve the hit of winning combination.
  • They are also equipped with qualifying rules to promote enhanced game play and still provide equitable revenue.
  • Our progressive game is not only available through RNG Games, but we have also introduced it on our Live Table games.
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  • Dreamholder is now on the phase of introducing online pachinko to its partners. With its graphically-rich interface, online players can experience the pleasure and excitement of playing Pachinko that has been a sure-hit in Japan for years.

Partner’s back-end support

Dreamholder allows our partners to be effective in operating their online gaming business. Among the featured functions that we incorporate includes:

  • Affiliate Management
  • Player Management
  • Credit Management
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Intensive System Reporting
  • Customer Support Facility

Our conviction is not focused on software solution alone, but in also providing full business support through:

  • Educating exploring clients
  • Business Operation Consulting
  • Providing interface for various payment options
  • 24/7 system support
  • Continuous user training and guidance